Mr. Right

Love Poem | Family Poem : Tall and sexy with a face to die for Just makes me want you more and more I smile at you cause you look so good I wanted to faint right where I stood Your Mr. Right and this I can tell I wanted to scream at your wonderful smell You said excuse me miss can I talk to you I said no problem I don't

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Forever my true love

Romantic Poem | General Poem : Forever my true love Forever my only true love you are This moment is ours to be together Wherever you are there I'll always be For without you there could never be me As the warm sun does to a soft flower So you complete me every day and hour The magic of your love my breath has been Since th

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A Journey Through The Horrible Landscape

Contemporary Poem | General Poem : Running through the devil's tunnel, gasping for breathe,  Into the vantage lanscape of dread, filled with voilence and frustrations. Pangs of hunger...oliver twist;  I stoop low to ask for more.  Trivial barriers here and there, outraged, it sucks.  The journey was far and

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Weep for the Nation

General Poem | Sociological Poem : H ow long shall I become sober To tend the putrefying wounds on the nation's life? She's an old child Corrupted in the brain, and laden with an old woman’s infirmity yet an infantile maturity! The days are scary-  I’m greeted by a cadava of a man that lay at the trench corner of t

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